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2/7/43 - 11/23/97

My Dad
A life that was straighter,
Than any golf ball he could hit.
He would not lie or coerce,
And he had an incredible wit.

Learning from my dad,
And him being there for me.
Golf, Life, having fun,
All for a slight fee.

I treated him as my father,
As the dad he was to me.
So I'll keep my promise to him,
And be all that I can be.

I'll miss him greatly,
As he was a great dad.
He'll physically miss my future,
But there are always the times that we had.

So Good-bye isn't what I'm saying,
Because I know he'll be there.
God knows I'll need someone anyway,
When I finally lose all my hair.

So, no saying good-bye,
Thank you is better instead.
For not only keeping me in line,
But giving me a pretty good head.

Thank you

-Kris Krogstad

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